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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Facebook Ads cost?

The cost of Facebook Ads for your church starts at $600.
This includes a production fee of $400, which covers the creation of a video, Facebook Ad production, and email blasts. See the full list here.

The remaining $200 is what I give to Facebook to blast your Ad for 1 week, called Facebook Ad Spend. If you need more time to promote read here.

Do I need a Facebook?

Yes. However, I can create and manage it for you if you don't already have Facebook.

Your church Ads need what's called a Facebook Business Page (similar to Google my business). This is required so that your church information is displayed if viewers want to click on the business page after seeing your Ad. I can give you Admin access anytime you desire to manage the page yourself.

Does this replace flyers?

No. Nothing will ever replace the value of having one-on-one interaction and personally inviting someone to your church.
However, Facebook Ads do significantly increase the effectiveness of your in-person outreach. Especially when people are given a flyer and are also shown a Facebook Ad later in the day. We recommend using Facebook Ads IN ADDITION to your normal outreaching methods.

What results do you get?

We see on average 8,000 people reached with just $200 in Facebook Ad Spend for a revival.
We see an average of 30 people sign-up with their name, email, and phone number to let us know they'll be attending. And see about 2 - 8 first-time visitors attend in person. It's important to note that results aren't guaranteed and vary depending on the city and type of event your church is having. 

Up to how long can I run Ad's for?

This all depends on your budget and timeframe.
Each week of promotion you decide to do is $200 of Facebook Ad Spend. The starting price is $200 for one week of promotion. So if you want 2 weeks of promotion that is $400 that I would give directly to Facebook to blast your Ad. Note that this does not include Ad production costs.

Ad Timeframe FAQ

How much time do you need?

I need at least 2 weeks' notice before the day you want to start running your Ads. For example, if you want a week of promotion then you would need to request an Ad 3 Weeks before the start of your event.

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